Well, I can hardly believe it, but Max and Anna were 22 months yesterday! WOW! That’s almost two years old and surely my babies aren’t “almost” two years old already, right?
This is such an exciting time though. They learn SO much in such a short space of time, every month is like a huge difference. When I look at the difference between Easter and now it’s like night and day!
Well I guess I better make arrangements for their birthday party soon. We’re thinking of having a little BBQ and cake party at the local park, I just need to find out how to book one of the covered seating/eating areas. It would be great if all the kids could run around in the park and the weather should be a little more “bearable” at that point too!
I think I’ll have a “Thomas, the tank engine” theme, since both are totally into that!
It’ll make for a lot of blue but that’ll be ok.
It’ll be fun to make a thomas cake though! I haven’t exactly done much cake decorating lately and I miss it a little, so there’ll be my chance!

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