Phew! Well, it’s been a busy few days. The twins had shots on Wed and that always means a restless/sleepless night for me. We got away with only mild temps and the usual post shot crankiness though.

Then we’re weaning the boy off the binky right now and that’s not fun! He’s been off it during the day for a year now, but at night and for naps it’s still THE comfort for him. But it’s time. He has already been “blessed” with quite a narrow and pointy jaw, we really don’t need any binkie deformations on top of that. So we went cold turkey. Binkie duck no more! BUT, I did get him a cute little yellow duck that says “quack quack quack” when you press it’s tummy in the hopes that it will a) distract him enough for the first few minutes of going to bed (before the inevitable screaming begins) and b) might just become this new special thing he gets at bed time.
He is quite into his duck, even though he does rather miss his “ginkie” too. The first few minutes of bed time are quite heart wrenching at the moment, but last night he didn’t wake up calling for his “ginkie”, so we may be on the right path. I do however hear frantic quacking in the early morning hours – I guess Max is giving the binkie substitute quite the workout!

Oh and yesterday the Rain and Shine Mini Kit was featured on the Scrap Praise blog, and today Max’s tantrum LO was featured on the Hot Digi Picks Blog. Yay!

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