So, I have decided that I need a vacation! No, we’re not going anywhere. For one we’re still waiting to hear on an offer we made on a house, but since it’s a short sale it drags on a bit (6 weeks so far *sigh) and if and when the seller’s bank decides to give us a decision, well then there is all the painting and packing and moving and unpacking to do etc.
But I do need a vacation – a scrap vacation. Since I’ve become a designer almost 1.5 years ago now, scrapping between releases has become almost this guilty pleasure. Like I should be designing :) So now I want to dedicate a week or two to scrapping. Catching up on some photo editing, playing around with some new styles or techniques – I just miss the fun of scraping and the ability to stick with it for longer than a day or two!

Also keep an eye out – since I won’t have a release for the rest of this month, I’ll be having a Scrap-Vacation Sale pretty soon, so you get to have some fun during my vacation too!

And to kick of my scrapping spree … I did this LO.

It’s a RAK for my friend Rachel!
We were trying to fix her almost ruined pregnancy shots (the lights failed during the shoot) and I ended up making a LO while playing. I think it’s such a wonderful and loving shot of the parents to be it just had to be rescued somehow Smile

For full credits please go here:

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