And the prodigal blogger has returned!
Let’s see if I can update you all really quickly on the madness that is my life!
We are FINALLY in the process of closing on a house (3 months after first making an offer on it,) which of course means that I am up to my eyeballs in boxes!
It’ll all go pretty fast once we close, so I may not be around much. It looks like most of August will be taken up with painting and repairing the new house, moving and unpacking etc. And then we’ll be back to do up the old house for rental, since there is no way we’d be able to sell it in this market right now! Keep your fingers crossed that we find some good renters quick, please!
In other news … my “babies” are starting pre-school on August 18th – can you believe that?? On some level I can’t! On another I know it really is time and they are more than ready for it! Is Mommy ready? Ah well that remains to be seen. They will only go for 2 hrs, 3 days a week initially, so there will be lots of easing in for Mommy! ;)
There are lots of changes coming up for the kiddos – between moving and preschool they will have to deal with a lot of adjustments! Since neither of them are in their most flexible phase right now, it could turn out to be quite a challenge! But currently I am fully prepared to make this an exciting adventure for them and hope for the best!

Speaking of Mommy! Rachel, my friend and CT member (remember the black pregnancy LO a few posts down) had her little Maxwell Wednesday night! Congratulations Rachel and Doug and welcome to the world little Maxwell!
Speaking of Maxwells lol – Meredith Fenwick had McLovin too and named him Maxwell! Congrats Mere and welcome to the world Maxwell!

And my mom is turning 60 today! Happy birthday MOM!!

And last but not least! I have quite a few new releases coming out next week, so keep an eye open! There’s lots of fun stuff coming and as always the first few release days will have a great discount!

So I’ll leave you with this little video – tissue alert, but if you want a happy cry, watch this – gets me every time!

And if the above doesn’t play, get it here:

So, that’s it from us in a nutshell! Hope you are all enjoying your summer!
Happy Scrapping!

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