Sorry, I’ve been a bit scarce! We are so insanely busy trying to get the house move in ready. Progress is a little slower than anticipated, but it’s shaping up quite nicely! But it’s going to be a while before everything is said and done on this move, that’s for sure! But we might as well get it right BEFORE we move all our stuff in! I think I just had a lot of “buts” there lol

Our “babies” had their first days at the montessori school this week too. Well, it wasn’t even a day, it was just two hours, Mo-Wed, but they officially started their life in school this week!
They totally loved it and I think Anna told me pretty much everything they did and quoted everything her teacher said lol
Max just told me what his teacher’s name was and that he like going to school *awwww*
On some level I think that they are oh so ready for this next step and truth be told, so am I, but on the other I feel like we only just brought them home from hospital last month :o

Other than that we spent some of yesterday evening at urgent care. Max apparently climbed out of his bed and wasn’t so good on the dismount or got caught on something, fell and smacked with his head into the tile floor. I just heard this almighty BANG and then the screaming.
Usually Max shakes these kind of things quite well but not on this one (he has a pretty high pain threshhold.) He cried and cried and clung to me and kept on whimpering that his head hurt. He wouldn’t let go, or sit up or walk and even after he stopped crying he seemed quite lethargic, only wanting to hang off of me and not moving much. This is of course nothing like Max. Not even letters could get him interested (TOTALLY NOT LIKE MAX) He was also looking quite pale with a shade of green, so of course I was thinking concussion. I gave him some homeopathic stuff for head trauma and he did perk up a bit after a while and he agreed to have some juice and lay in bed cuddling his blankets.

A while later he did run around and seemed ok, but still quite pale. If nothing else I know he got quite the fright, but at this point I just wanted to be sure he didn’t actually concuss even though he didn’t show any signs of it any more. You should see what our tile floor does to a jam jar when it falls on it, so we needed to make sure his head was still in one piece! Ian had made it home from work by then and we went to urgent care.

We got seen relatively quickly for urgent care but not quick enough with 2 toddlers *roll eyes* The doctor examined him pretty thoroughly, asked many questions and thought he was going to be just fine! Max has acted completely normal ever since but I don’t think I’ll completely rest until the 24 hrs are over. The listless thing he had going on after the fall is just not like Max. He seems his usual happy self this morning though. I am however really tired from not getting much sleep … again lol
Man, I hate head trauma stuff … it’s just so unpredictable *grrr*
But right now it seems that Max will be just fine, so that’s great!

Scrapping wise I have also been working on a grab bag for you! It’ll be out first week of September some time, depending on when we’ll have internet access at the new place!
Oh and the new SBG collab is due out on Sept 1st and I have to tell you … it’s an absolute beauty! It’s called “Impressions of Serendipity”. And Becky posted a little sneak peak on the SBG blog. I’ve seen some more contributions since and it just seems to get more and more awesome! So do keep an eye out for that too!

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