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Hi everyone!
Since I have been rather engrossed in various home improvement projects, construction and what not over the last few months, I thought I’d share a few of my other projects with you, now that it’s time to decorate. The fun stuff!
 Here’s the Apothecary Jar project I did yesterday. Quick and easy!

Behold my latest obsession. Well it isn’t so much “latest” … I’ve always loved this kind of thing. As well as decorative bottles and decanters etc. However, these are all the rage now, so my obsession is renewed:

Yes, I’m loving the apothecary jars. And dessert tables. And desserts. Especially the combination of gorgeous glass vessels and desserts! If I didn’t have two rather rumbuncious 5-year olds around the place, glass vessels would be all over the house. I do however have not quite 5-year olds and well … no apothecary jars to speak of.

We do have dessert though lol

Max and Anna are turning 5 this October (can you even believe that ??) and we’re having a party! With grown-ups and children alike! And I get another chance to do a dessert table, so I do really need some gorgeous vessels.

But alas …Behold the price tag on these things …

And I don’t even need anything that fancy anyway. I am loving them with and without lids!

So I set out to find something to immitate these things! I have a vague memory of reading on a blog somewhere (forgot where! sorry) about glueing candle sticks to glass vases!

Behold some dollar store finds!

2 different kinds of candle sticks. 2 /$1 on each of those. ====> $1

2 different kinds/sizes of glass vessels. Also $1/each. ====> $6

4 glass finger bowls. 4/$1. I actually bought more of those, as I also want to use them for other things on the dessert table, but more about that some other time! For this purpose however ====> $0.25

Then I remembered these two beauties that I got at Walmart for $3 last year. They are upside down as this gave me the better base to glue :)

Initially I thought I’d employ my hot glue gun, but I I know from experience that it may not hold well enough for any length of time, especially if I need to wash these vessels, so out came fish tank/silicone glue I have for glass projects. Gorilla glue will do too though. Just follow the instructions on the tube.

Turns out that the curve of the small candle stick fit the curve of the finger bowl absolutely perfectly! No gaps! Yay! I love it when things work out!

However, beware that these things are from the dollar store, which can mean that they are a tad warped. So when you pick them out, try and get the straightest ones! Especially for the candle sticks, since they will keep the whole thing up!

So first of all I glued the candle stick to the upside down bowl. I let it sit for just over an hour with a few small books on top of it, to apply pressure.

Then I glued all the “stems” to the glass vessels, and let it all set for about an hour.And voila, I had 6 rather great looking apothecary jars for around $10!

I know, right? !!

And doesn’t that tallest one look just like this WS one?

I didn’t have a pillar candle at hand, so I filled it with these little balls, but you get the idea!

It was so quick and easy. Honestly, what took the longest was to get the labels off the bottoms of the vases. I will never understand why they use the “impossible to get off” glue on dollar store price tags. What are they afraid of? That somebody will switch a price tag???

And there was the waiting for the glue to set up. But the actual hands-on time was mere minutes!And now if one should fall and break – well not much is lost and I can always make another!And I’m thinking that thrift and dollar store may even carry lidded jars from time to time that could work to make one of the lidded apothecary jars!

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