A quick and easy organization idea!

If you are like me, you’re always looking for good ways to keep the endless amount of papers, notes, announcements, reminders, programs, drives, and whatever else your children bring home from school organized – but in a way that is easy and preferably pleasing to the home decor!

I used to put everything away in a drawer in my desk, and even though that works, a lot got lost in that drawer. I guess the saying “out of sight, out of mind” does apply!

So, this year I’ve come up with a different solution. The trusty drawer is still there and it is still occupied by the more “long term” papers etc that serve as a reference etc
But for the more short term stuff, I now have this:

The magnet board is for the usual array of school phone numbers, time tables and events. The little magnetized tins hold all that small stuff you need to get to on a regular basis. I took the photo before I had filled them, but they hold tape tab refills, clips, 2 sizes of mini clothes pegs, spare magnets etc

And below, I stuck a photo of each of the kids in an acrylic file holder (fastened them with scotch tape,) which I mounted to the wall and filled with  funky patterned file folders to match my decor!

Now, whenever one of the children brings something home that I need to reference later, it goes into one of the files there.

If and when there is something I need to remember, I stick the paper the other way around, or whichever way it lets me read the header and it’s enough to remind me!

And changing the look of it is as easy as changing the file folders! :)

And the children love it too! Both of them really like the fact that they have each their own place for their “important” papers to go and that their are happy pictures of them on it!
I got the acrylic file holders on Amazon as they were the size I needed and they were on sale at the time. They come with screws and with double sided sticking tape. So far I haven’t needed the screws as the tape has held up really well, even with ever filling file folders!

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