5 random products

(… that are far from life changing, but still rock my world)

You know how every once in while you come across something that is really quite unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but you still love it so. I don’t mean the big stuff, like a new appliance you couldn’t live without anymore, or a software program that rocks your work flow.

Just little stuff. Stuff that makes your heart happy, your danish pastry taste better, your chocolate melt slower, your eyes brighter or your waste line more forgiving. Actually I think that last one would have to go into the “big stuff” category for me lol

Anyway, here we go. Completely random. In no particular order.

And please note that I’m not affiliated with any of the sites or manufacturers mentioned … I just love them for one reason or another :)

1) Since I now have this awesome new soaker tub, I needed some good soaking suds of course! Well it’s not that there’s a shortage of bath bubbles out there but there are various levels of good. For me, some of the best I’ve found are the Deep Steep Bubble Baths.

melontangerine[1] A little goes a long way on these, the bubbles stay until the end of the bath, even after you shampoo your hair etc They smell really good too! The ingredients are all natural … and … no bathtub ring!


My two particular favorites are the Lavender Chamomile (very relaxing) and the Melon Tangerine!

I’ve seen them on a number of online places, but the best price I’ve found on Vitacost.

We’ve been getting our supplements from Vitacost for years and the flat shipping rate makes getting the heavier stuff really cost effective, including bubble bath :D


2) This stuff.


It’s really not much but the subtle combination of butter, vanilla and a little bit of citrus just gives many sweet things that certain extra something!

3) Now this one may fall into the category of TMI. lol

I know I want to take fish oil supplements regularly. I know they are good for me. I hate fish oil supplements. They keep on coming back on me. I have tried so many different kinds, ways and manufacturers. Even the ones that said they won’t “return” – but alas they did. And who wants everything all day long taste of fish oil??? Not me, that’s who.

Then I found these … and now I am a happy, take-my-fish-oil-twice-daily kind of gal!

fisol[1]Yes, they make me happy. NOTHING returns on me with them. I only taste fish now when it’s actually for dinner! Yay!


4) This cream has seen me through so much, I don’t even know where to start.  I have been using it long before I had children, but once the twins came along we really got into it!

We never really had diaper rashes with either kids just by using this stuff regularly and Max’s “acid butt” as we called his allergic reaction to certain foods (within a short period of time his butt would look like somebody had spilled acid on it after certain fruits and veggies) would be gone in no time flat.

calendula[1]We still use it all the time for all sorts of things. The kids always ask me to “put cream on it to make it feel better” whenever there is something going on skin wise. I use it for particularly dry patches too. And when we all have streaming colds … just a little prevents that bright red sore nose! So yes, we love “ the cream” around here!

5) This one is a mixed blessing! It’s my all time favorite chocolate. It makes me very happy! My hips, not so happy!

Until recently I would only get it when I had it shipped in from Germany or when actually being in Germany.

Now we have a  store that carries it almost around the corner. Very dangerous! Fortunately it is however nicely portioned into little bars of only 70 calories, so portion control is a little easier :)

I know it’s supposed to be a children’s chocolate! But I will chose it over the Lindor chocolate! *shock horror* Don’t judge me! lolkinder[1]So, here are my 5 small random products!

What about yours?

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