Halloween decorating

It seems the blogosphere is in full swing on the decorating front. Halloween is upon us sometime in the next 6 weeks, and it has everyone brimming with ideas.

I have never been much of a Halloween decorator. It’s not a holiday I grew up with, so I guess I’m having trouble adapting on this one. I am warming to it however, especially now that the kids are more aware of it.

But I think I need to ease myself into it all and since I do like to decorate a little for fall (which we don’t really get here) I want to combine the two to an extent.

So I thought I’d show you my favorite decorating ideas I’ve seen so far. As you can see my tastes this year tend towards the more elegant and neutral/fall colored direction, rather than the gory black and orange.

1) An abundance of decorating ideas on { marthastewart.com } of course. All of the ones I have chosen would be neat table decorations for Thanksgiving too!


{Lace-Patterned Pumpkins}

{Pumpkin Vase}

{Mini Pumpkin Scarecrow}

{Pierced Open-work Pumpkin}

Aren’t those lattice pumpkins just divine? I’m planning on doing a couple like that this year, probably with funkins, so we can enjoy them again next year! And my kids are all over this cute little scare crow!


2) Next up is the { Crow’s Nest Wreath Corner } by Stephanie Lynn.

Love the simple elegance of this, with just a tad of creepy thrown in!

Click through to find the tutorial on how to make the Crow’s Nest Wreath!



3) {House of Smiths} has the cutest shelf display. Love this collection of somewhere-between-cute-and-only-slightly-scary things!


My favorite would have to be the plates though! What a totally neat idea!



4)  {Sawdust and Paperscraps} has these spooky candle holders, made from old lamps!



5) I also love the idea of these {Halloween Topiaries} at the Crafty Sisters Blog, even though I think I would get in trouble with the kids as they are not edible!

I did however make a similar thing last Christmas with red and green spice drops and candies. To make the display edible I used halved toothpicks to secure the candy on the styrofoam cone/ball. I think that could work with some of them here too. Nevertheless though – edible or not, these are just such a cute idea!




Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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2 Responses to Halloween decorating

  1. House of Smith's says:

    Thanks so much for the shout out! You have lots of great ideas here :)

  2. Sandra says:

    Thanks for the feature. I hadn't seen those topiaries before. Going to check those out right now.

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