Things I’ve learned (aka techno hour)

So, every once in a while you come across something in the programs you’ve been working in forever that resolves a workaround or an annoyance and you smack your head and wonder why you hadn’t thought of this before or why nobody TOLD you this before Open-mouthed


Well, I’ve collected a few of those things just over the last couple of days (a couple of major AHA moments) and thought I’d share them with you. It is however entirely possible that I am the last one to catch on – if so, please just ignore me!


1) I am new to the multiple monitor setup. I love it, but I’ve been getting a little frustrated with the whole dragging of windows etc. And since my second monitor is a dual function monitor, meaning it is a TV as well as a monitor and I can switch between the two, it has been highly annoying to have to turn off the TV to go get a window from the second monitor, as it wouldn’t come back to the main monitor any other way.

I know there are many utility programs out there that help you with your windows and switching of monitors and screens and what not but it turns out that Windows 7 has an inbuilt capacity that takes care of that problem!

Whatever window or program you want moved, have it open, then hold down the windows key and the shift key at the same time and press either the left or right key (depending which direction the monitor you want to go to is) and voila. You just moved between monitors!

SO cool!! Also especially for people like me who have monitors that are not the same size … when you move your window like this, it adjusts itself automatically to the monitor size! Happy


2) Windows key + d = Show Desktop How did I not know that?


3) Another one I didn’t know but use all the time now: F6 automatically highlights the URL in the address bar of Internet Explorer and Firefox! No more trying to highlight it with mouse clicks!


4) If you want to save a URL (website address) in a folder as a clickable link, just drag the website or a link from your browser onto your desktop. Happy


That’s it from me! There are of course lots more tips, tricks and shortcuts – these are just some new and “aha-moment” ones for me!

What’s your favorite trick?

I hope you are having a great weekend!

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  1. hsmema says:

    Thank you!! The desktop shortcut will be a great timesaver.

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