A Headband From Scraps

So last night I took about an hour to use up some scrap ribbon and fabric to make Anna a new head band. The last one was stepped on … or sat on … either way, it broke, and Anna determined that this might be a very good time for me to make her another one. A more elaborate one.
And I did Happy
I had everything I needed on hand and it took about an hour of “TV crafting”. That’s sort of watching something on TV that doesn’t quite have your attention while crafting! I love doing that!
And here’s the happy girl this morning …
  … who rarely finds an occasion where she would have nothing to say Big Grin
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA{Totally off topic, but see those little green sprouts in the background of the photos. We took the plunge last weekend (even though we’re still well above 100 F every day) and seeded some grass where the ugly concrete patch was that we ripped out! And it’s coming in! Yay!}
Back to the headband!
You’ll need a plain headband. You can get them at the dollar store for something like 5 for $1.
Scrap ribbon. I think 1/4 inch might have been a little faster, but I didn’t have any in Anna’s fav colors, so I went with the 1/8 inch.
Scrap fabric.

I followed this tutorial (by Skip To My Lou)  for the ribbon weaving and glued it on the plastic headband with a little hot glue. The only thing I did differently was that I made two ribbon pieces, which meant I had clean pieces on either end of the head band and could hide the “knotted ends” under the flower.
I just made the flowers, much like in this tutorial (by Shelley from House of Smiths.) I folded and glued the outer  parts of my flower differently than the tutorial, but I did roll the pink portion of the fabric rounds like in the tutorial.

Then I attached the flower to the headband with an additional piece of felt like in the tutorial and it was done!
Have a wonderful day everyone!

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