Wine/ Champagne Glass Lamps

Here’s a quick,  easy, inexpensive and really lovely way to illuminate your special occasion table.  And so customizable too!
You’ll need:
- Champagne flutes, wine glasses or any glass with a stem
- Vellum paper
- Glue stick or tape
- Scissors
- Tea lights or other small source of light
- This template.  Or you can make your own based on the measurements of your glass.

Step 1: Print the template and cut out.
I am using a champagne glass for this tutorial. If you are using a wine glass, you might be able to adjust the template by cutting some off the TOP to make the opening wider. Since a wine glass isn’t as long as a champagne flute, it can stand to loose at least an inch without a problem.
I would recommend to print it out on regular paper first, so you can try it around your glass and adjust some before you either print or transfer the template onto your vellum.

Step 2:  Glue the ends of your cut out lampshade together with a slight overlap. You can use glue stick or tape, both works fine.
Step 3: Set lampshade on your glass, insert a tea light or other light source and admire Happy

PA014937[1]{I wouldn’t usually choose a glass with such a prominent rim as I have here, but I thought it would serve well in this tutorial as it shows  where the shade sits on the glass!}

So, those are the basics.
If you wanted to go all out, you could use a decorative scissor to cut the lampshade and add a wow-factor that way.
Of course you can coordinate your vellum to any color scheme you have going, as well as print, draw or stamp your own patterns, messages or photos on the vellum before you cut the shade.
Or you could glue a coordinating color ribbon around the edges. Or some lace. Or add some beaded ribbon details to the bottom of the shade!
If you have some waterproof deco lights like the Aqua Brites™ , you could even submerge them in some colored liquid in the glass, for an extra special colored glow.
The possibilities are endless and because they are so inexpensive, you can really go wild!
Try them as part of your next center piece, buffet decoration, outdoor party or mantle decor!

For some more awesome projects, check out the showcase party here. You’ll find great inspiration!
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