Hotel Inspired Key Board

The other day I was browsing the Mothology  site, a great source of inspiration for me, and I came across this Hotel Key Rack:


Loved the idea! Our current key system works for the regular use keys, but we always have this bowl of “spare” bundles. The keys we need to have on hand when needed but that clutter up the place at other times.

Since I don’t have the room for a board that size I thought I would make a smaller version. I happened to have all I needed on hand!


… and some glue and spray paint!

The frame was something that came with some kid’s toy, but I have seen similar plaques at Michaels too.

I bought some book plates years ago on ebay. Something like 50 of them as I got them pretty cheap and I’ve been using them ever since!

And I always have a variety of hooks and eyes too. They come in so handy.

Since our little mud room needed a little pop of color on the wall but a pattern would be too busy against the wallpaper, I decided to go with the off white, cherry red and black to tie it all in.

I already had spray paint in those colors on hand, so that helped too!

First I sprayed the book plates and hooks black.

PA034945[1]The took apart the frame and the backing. Measured where I wanted the hook holes and drilled them in. Then I spray painted the frame with several coats of red, and the inner part with cream.


{Try not to “bloody” your rocks like I did lol}

Once everything was dry, I assembled it all.

Placed the backing back in the frame and secured it, screwed the hooks into the holes and glued the bookplates on with some gorilla glue!

Then I let it dry again!

PA044949[1]And here is the finished, somewhat more modern  Hotel inspired “key board”:

PA044952b[1]And in the mud room:


This was a pretty quick, easy and inexpensive ($0 for me) project that has form and function! Gotta love those! Love Struck

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