Before and After of a different kind

My twins turned 5 today. I can’t even believe it!

Part of me is pretty convinced that I just had them last year and somebody made a mistake Smile

But then I look at them and it’s quite clear that I have a pair of 5-year-olds on my hands!So, please indulge a Momma and let her reminisce for a few minutes!

Five years ago today was one of the happiest and one of the scariest days in my life – all  because this happened. There were a bunch of complications with me, which led to an emergency c-section at 10PM at night.


They were still working on getting Anna out, when they showed me Max. But then came that gut-wrenching silence that let us know that Anna was not quite ok.

100_0028[1]Anna had some breathing problems and at the time, nobody could figure out why.

So she was air-lifted to the NICU in the children’s hospital across town. I didn’t get to see/hold her until she was 4 days old. All I had were photos! Like this one:

100_0031[1]And you know what? It made no difference that I had medical background, knew what all the tubes were for … this was MY baby and it was scary!! And for a few minutes there I was quite convinced that she wouldn’t even know who I was, since she had had NO contact with me since they whipped her out of me.

But then I got to meet her. And to hold her. And her breathing eased. And she just curled up on my chest and slept.

Here we all are reunited after 4 days:


Here they are when we finally got to take Anna home from the NICU after 2 weeks. This was the first time since the womb that they were able to be next to each other again, and don’t tell me that newborns don’t smile! Look at that girl! They totally recognized each other!

And I’m pretty sure it was not gas Wink


That was their first hand holding … there was lots more to come over the years:

100_0135[1] And here they are this morning! And yes, it was 5.30 am because we were just SO excited about the whole birthday thing!


Anna got a “newborn” doll that looks scary realistic!! Anna is completely into babies and this doll is one of the star gifts Smile Funnily enough, the doll is about the size the twins were when they were born!


And our Max is into all things electronic. Here he is with his new Tag Reader Map, exploring all the states!



So, today I am immensely thankful! For my healthy children, for the last 5 years, for everything that happened to get us here – for the wonderful little people they are turning out to be!

Red heart Happy birthday, guys! I love you lots! Red heart

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One Response to Before and After of a different kind

  1. Kristin says:

    Great Post! I love birth stories and all 4 of my babies have been born by c-section. My second one was a little similar to your story, and I too, worried about bonding. It's so hard for me to believe how fast my kids have grown. I have one turning 8 this weekend and it feels like just last week that I was waiting to meet him. Actually, it feels like just last week I was only 16 and now I'm 40! Cough…
    It's a wonderful life though!
    Thanks foe sharing and visiting Sweet Country Life

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