Beaded Icicles


You will need:

  • Clear beads in 3 graduating sizes. The ones that slightly taper on one side work best.
  • Thin beading wire
  • Piece of string

Cut about a 20 inch piece of wire.

String one of the smallest beads to the middle of it and bend the wire.


Thread both wires through the next 14 beads, pushing one bead more to the left, the other more to the right.

PB015640[1] Then, pull your wires apart and continue the left and right side separately.


Thread about 30 more small beads on each side.

Then graduate to the medium size beads and thread 22 beads on every side.

Next graduate to the largest size beads and thread  about 12 of those on each side.

The twist your wire together as close to the beads as you can and cut.

Bend it over a little so it can slide into a bead and make your icicle appear seamless.


Now you have something resembling this:

PB015644[1]Now pull your circle lengthwise and start twisting.

PB015643[1] Twist gently, so it starts to look like this:


Continue to twist until you reach the top of the icicle.

PB015648[1]Thread a piece of string through the thicker top to hang the icicle.

PB015649[1] Make a knot on top of the string.

And that’s it!


I hope you will enjoy making some of these icicle ornaments! They are so easy to make and such an elegant sparkle on trees and garlands! Kids can help too!


I will be linking this project to several of the link parties over on the side bar.


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6 Responses to Beaded Icicles

  1. Lisa says:

    Very pretty! We are a half Christmas & half Hanukkah house so I like to do a more winter theme. This is great!

  2. Chris says:

    These are lovely! I have one that my mom found a while back. I just might have to try my hand at making some more. Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Jami says:

    I love these! I'll bet they look so nice with the Christmas lights! Thanks for linking up to Theme Party Thursday! I hope you come back again. :)

  4. Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming says:

    Birgit These are gorgeous! I bet they look stunning twirling around with some lights. I featured this on the Sunday Showcase Round Up. Thanks so much for joining in the fun! Hope you are enjoying your week ~ Stephanie Lynn

  5. Teri says:

    Absolutely stunning! :)

  6. Nancy Ward says:


    Wanted you to know I posted a link to this tutorial today on my blog, PaperFriendly.

    Nancy Ward

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