Upcoming projects!

I’m busy working on an array of Christmas projects and I thought I’d give you a little teaser of what is coming your way between now and Christmas!


  • Super cute and easy Advent Calendar!


  • Faux Birch Bark Votive Candle holders!


  • Almond Cake Trees!

Untitled-5[1] These make great gifts! I make mine gluten free! And some sugar-free ones for our diabetic friends that we want to gift a little something for Christmas!

  • A variety of Glass Etching Projects for your holiday table as well as Gift giving ideas!
  • How to take ugly, dingy and/or damaged brass to sparkling silver finish with just a little elbow grease!
  • A collection of some of my favorite gift wrapping ideas will be forthcoming too! I try to do things a little different every year, not just wrap them and slap a bow on it Open-mouthed If nothing else it keeps it interesting for me too!
  • Recipes! Lots of recipes Smile As most of you know, I am German and come advent, I just can’t help but bake a variety of my favorite Christmas cookies. And if you happen to be living gluten free, never fear, I have at least 2 german christmas cookie and cake recipes that will rock your world!                                    Speaking of gluten-free, I will also share our gluten-free Christmas with you. My   mother-in-law has celiac disease, which means for family get-togethers, I always have lots of gluten free things on hand. Since I was low carb for so many years, it’s almost second nature to me to cook that way anyway and many of my favorite low carb recipes come in handy too.                                    

Untitled-4[1] {Sweet Potato and Banana Casserole – a family favorite! Also happens to be gluten-free!}

  • This year we will have a pretty much completely gluten free Christmas as it is just easier and to be honest, nobody knows the difference anyway. The only exception may be crescent rolls, since the kids and my brother-in-law can’t possibly have a holiday without them!

Untitled-3[1] {Cinnamon Stars, Lebkuchen and “Burnt” Sugar Almonds – all gluten-free!}

  • I will also share a variety of Christmas decorating ideas as they go up around my house. You may already have noticed, but this year I am going with a very neutral color scheme: White, silver and translucence! I know translucence is not really a color but it does give a certain look as well as color or how it transforms other colors, so I’m just going to call it a color! And of course the green that the tree and branches bring!
  • I am also working on somewhat labor intensive but oh so gorgeous Christmas Tree Skirt knock-off project, if I can get it finished in time! Unfortunately I can’t find the listing on Crate and Barrel anymore, otherwise I would link you to my inspiration!


  • And if there is time, I will also share a Christmas Pillow tutorial or two with you!
  • Christmas Cards! I haven’t decided yet what we are going to do this year, but I’ll be sure to share once I do!

So, that’s a little bit of what’s to come! I hope you stay tuned for all of it!


PS:  I just found out that my recipe for “Gebrannte Mandeln (Burnt Sugar Almonds)” is featured on the Tasty Kitchen Blog today!!

Go on over there and check it out!

Psssst, if you go to my Recipe box there, you can also find the recipe for the Sweet Potato Casserole I mentioned and the Cinnamon Star Cookies Smile

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2 Responses to Upcoming projects!

  1. Mrs. Q. says:

    Just found you through Tasty Kitchen and have to tell you I LOVE YOUR BLOG! So many great ideas that I'm itching to try.

    I also look forward to your holiday baking recipes. My mom is from Austria so we bake all season long!

  2. Judy @ In His Grip says:

    I look forward to your Christmas idaes. That tree skirt looks amazing, I hope you are able to finish it and share. Thanks for stopping by " In His Grip."

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