Snowball Ornaments


I have to say, none of the photos do the true sparkle of these justice, believe me!


Before we start, I want to introduce you to the German Glass Glitter. It’s essentially very finely crushed glass. And it glitters and sparkles like nothing else!

Don’t worry though … even though it is tiny little glass shards, it doesn’t cut your fingers or anything. I have put this stuff to the test and rubbed it between my fingers and everything else over the years and never sustained even a nick or a splinter!

If you are unsure however, do wear gloves Happy


It is also a really good thing to have if you (or a relative as is the case in our family) have a glitter allergy. This stuff does not fly through the air – it is just glass but not so small that you could breath it in or anything like that. It is just a tad larger than the large kind of granulated sugar.


But I want to warn you … since it does so closely resemble sugar, please make sure you do not have this anywhere near the kitchen and keep it away from children!!


Anyway, let’s get on with the snowballs!

You will need:

- Glass glitter

- Dollar store polystyrene ornaments

- All purpose craft glue  (I use Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue )

- Bamboo skewers

- Paper Plate


Pour some of the Glass Glitter in a paper plate. It gives you a good surface to roll the balls and when you’re finished, you can fold the plate in half and use it as a funnel to pour the glitter back into the bag.


I found these ornaments at the dollar store. 10/$1 – a real bargain, but they really don’t look like much. I think they were supposed to be glittered but it was barely visible. But at that price they were great simply because they are a base and a plastic hanging fixture.



Once I unpacked them, I realized that the top was barely hanging on as it was and taking them off was less than a little tug.



After removing all the tops cover the balls in glue. It doesn’t really need all that much but it needs coverage all over. You can use a brush … or if you’re hands-on and messy like me, you just use your fingers :)

Once covered, push in the bamboo skewers.


Roll the bamboo skewers with the balls around on the plate, evenly covering the entire ball.


Place the skewered balls in a tall glass to dry.


Once dry, remove the skewers and glue the ornament hanger back on.


Let it dry and use as desired.

Of course you can use this to make them into just snowballs, without the hanger. At any size. Even the bamboo skewers are optional. You could just roll the balls around with your fingers and place them on another paper plate to dry. It does however get your fingers quite full of glue and glass.

Would you look at all this sparkling goodness!

PC016062[1]Doesn’t it really remind you of a crispy frozen ice/snowball? I LOVE it!!


The glue sticks the glitter on pretty well, but if you want to be extra sure that nothing falls off, give your snowball a good blast with a strong hold hair spray.

Incidentally that’s a good way to keep regular glitter from shedding all over the place too! 



Ok, so I went on to do this:


I just love what the frosted look does to silver glass ornaments!

I got a pack of mini ones at Big Lots. 41 glass ornaments for $3.

You do pretty much the same as before.

Remove the hanger part. It usually just pulls out.

Cover the ornament in glue. Make sure your glue is clear drying. It’s important on this one!


Since the ornaments were quite small, I used a bamboo skewer to fish them out of the glitter without messing them up too much.


I let them dry for a few minutes, then I put the hanger caps back on to ensure that they still fit. If you wait until the glue is totally dry you may have trouble fitting them back on.

PC016074[1] Then I let them dry completely until the glue is clear.

And look at the silvery sparkly goodness!



Now I wonder how it would look if I sprayed some of that Krylon Looking Glass Mirror-Like Painton some of the Glass Glitter first and then rolled it onto silvery glass ornaments, or maybe even better – clear glass ones! I guess I’ll be trying that next!


I will be linking this tutorial to various link parties over on the side bar. Please visit them to see other amazing craft projects, decorating ideas and recipes!

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24 Responses to Snowball Ornaments

  1. Bonnie says:

    GORGEOUS!! Love them, wonder if I could find that glitter locally?

  2. Birgit Kerr says:

    I haven't had any luck with that. But there are crafting boutiques that carry more "old-fashioned" things … they might have it. I've also seen stores that carry German items/groceries carry it this time of year. But the regular craft chain stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby and such don't carry it. :(

  3. Anonymous says:

    All of your items are so beautiful! I definitely want to try this one…for two reasons: 1~it's simple enough that I can do it! ;0) and 2~ my kids will be seeing snow this Christmas for the first time and what better way to capture that in a keepsake! :0)
    I was going to ask if Hobby Lobby carried the glitter but I see that someone already has. I guess I'll be trying to find it online!
    I also want to try to make the tree that you did on the stocking…I think I want to try the original though~on a pillow. Seems like a great craft to do while I am traveling in the car 18 hours! :0)

    thank you so much for sharing all of your amazing creations

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ok, one more question…SORRY…but now that I'm online looking at German Glass Glitter, I'm not sure which kind to get. There are so many! How fine or what "grit" is the glitter you recommend for this project?

  5. Birgit Kerr says:

    Hi Robin,

    I linked to the one I use in the post above.

    They ship pretty quickly, have the best price as far as I can see and I've had only good experiences with that glitter.

    And 1 lb will cover a LOT of ornaments! I did 20 snowball ornaments, some snowballs and 40 of the small silver glass ornaments and I'm maybe 1/3 through the bag!

  6. Lisa says:

    These are SO pretty! Very elegant and glamorous!

  7. alison @ adventures at home says:

    great tutorial with a beautiful result!

  8. Michelle @ Sweet Something Design says:

    Great project! They look fantastic!

  9. Megan @ Polish The says:

    Those are gorgeous! That glass glitter looks so cool!

  10. Jami says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I would love to try this with the clear glass ornaments. Thank you for sharing these lovelies.!

  11. Cheryl says:

    Now I've got to get some of this stuff!! I You've been featured at today's Craftastic Monday. Stop by & grab a Featured On button:) Thanks again for linking it up to the party!

  12. Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming says:

    Birgit – So pretty! Thanks so much for linking to the party – I greatly appreciate it! I featured these today – stop by and grab a featured button if you like. Hope you have a lovely week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  13. Kimberlee says:

    I love how the glass on the silver ornaments turned out!

  14. Jana says:

    These are stunning! They look great on the skewers
    They would be cute stuck in a decorated flower pot. I am going to try these. Love the photos of your tree too.

  15. Anna @ Take the Side Street says:

    Beautiful! I especially like the silver ones, where do you find that glass glitter??

    I do have some advice about the Looking Glass paint… if you do spray it, make sure to get a hollow ornament. The Looking Glass only looks good when sprayed on the backside of the glass, it's a dull silver from the sprayed-on side :)

    I actually did a comparison of a couple silver paints after I made a faux mercury glass tutorial… here's the link if you want to see:

  16. Birgit Kerr says:

    @ Anna. I linked to the glass glitter I use in my post. That's where I get it from, but there are numerous online sources.

  17. cherylclaudine says:

    I've never heard of glass glitter before…it's so beautiful! The first ornaments you did remind me of sno cones :-) Yum. Anyway, thanks for sharing your beautiful Christmas craft!!

    Cheryl Claudine

  18. Amber says:

    What a fun idea, thanks for not only that but also the great hint on where to buy the glitter at a good deal.

    I found you on C.R.A.F.T. BTW

  19. The Mulberry Girl says:

    These are just gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial!

  20. Ginger says:

    Love those! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  21. Ashley Tremaine says:

    Beautiful! Would love to copy this!!

  22. radn says:

    Beautiful ornaments!

  23. Emily {WhipperBerry} says:

    I absolutely LOVE these! They are gorgeous! Please link them up to our 12 Days of Christmas Show-Off!
    Thank you!

  24. Kathy Lungren says:

    This is definitely something I want to try! I have several old ugly ornaments that need some refreshing!

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