Our Christmas Tree

Yesterday I put up our tree!

As I have mentioned before, this is the earliest I’ve EVER put up a tree. Usually I try and keep it as close as possible to Christmas, but this year it seemed ok to do it earlier. And well, the kids wore me down really! Big Grin


I thought I’d take you through everything that’s on our tree and link you to the tutorials or where I got it!

I’m not sure that this is the final version, as I tend to add as I go, but it’s pretty close to final!

Here we go with all the ornaments!

PB025702[1] Tutorial here!

PC016086[1] Tutorial here!

PC016092[1] Tutorial here.

PB015654[1]Tutorial here.

PC016093[1]  I got these at Target this year.

PC016094[1]These are actually little silver bells and I got them from Crate & Barrel.

PC016095[1]Also from Crate & Barrel.

PC016099[1]I got these from Costco years ago. They go on the tree every year, regardless of the color scheme! They are always good to give the tree some extra sparkle!

PC016102[1]    From this year’s IKEA holiday collection.

PC016103[1] These were from Michaels. They had them on sale just before Thanksgiving!

PC016106[1] I folded these for our tree last year.

PC016108[1]I think these were from IKEA too, but from many years ago.

PC016110[1]  Tutorial here!

PC016112[1] Also from this year’s IKEA collection. Stars as well as hearts.

PC016113[1]These are from Target too.

PC016115[1]  I just totally love these. Unfortunately a lot of them got broken already. These were available at IKEA 3 years ago I think.

PC026137[1] From the dollar store, 3/ $1.


Our silver wire Star tree topper is from Target too! This is the first year we’ve had a different tree topper, but the one I usually use was gold, so that didn’t work!

And here is the tree again – in daylight and at night!




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5 Responses to Our Christmas Tree

  1. Kim @ Savvy Southern Style says:

    Very pretty tree. I don't think I can remember where all my ornaments came from.

  2. diney says:

    Your tree is gorgeous! I live in Utah, want to come visit and make the beautiful ornaments for me too? We even have an Ikea about 45 minutes away! LOL!!

    Thanks for all of your instructions.

  3. Rene' says:

    Very pretty tree!! Thank you for sharing all the info!!

  4. The Mulberry Girl says:

    Your tree is beautiful!

  5. DannyB says:

    Your tree is gorgeous and your ornaments are elegant and beautiful! I love the combinations you chose, they all complement and enhance each other. Thanks for the tutorials as well!

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