Personalized Christmas Morning Pajamas

A few month ago I came across some very early and therefore very cheap red and green stripy children’s pajamas.


I know a lot of people do the matching pajama thing for Christmas morning, but so far we never have, not even for the children. But this year I thought it would be fun!

As cute as they are, especially once they would be on my even cuter 5-year-olds, they seemed to be missing something.

So I got a chance to try iron on vinyl! And what can I say – I’m in love! Oh the possibilities! I especially love the flocked vinyl! It has just that little bit of extra texture to it and it seems a little more sturdy too!



Anyway, here’s what I did to the somewhat plain pajamas! Not a whole lot really but now they are personalized and the kids LOVE them! Anna wanted a snowflake on it too, but Max was happy with just his name!


It was really easy to do. I used my Silhouette Craft Cutter to cut out the letters and the snowflake. 

Incidentally, if you are waiting to purchase a Silhouette Craft Cutter, NOW might be the time. They are down from $299 to just $174.99 on Amazon right now! That’s the lowest I’ve seen them anywhere so far!


But I digress!

I positioned the letters on the shirts while the iron was heating up. Once positioned I pressed the hot iron on the various parts and pressed for about 30 seconds.

After it cooled a bit I peeled off the clear plastic on top and voila! All done!





Once the Christmas rush is over, I’m going to have to explore the heat transfer vinyl more thoroughly! I can think of so many possibilities to enhance shirts, pillows, fabrics etc

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8 Responses to Personalized Christmas Morning Pajamas

  1. rlma says:

    Those are adorable, Birgit! I'll take two please – you know the names. ;)

  2. Momma says:

    Oh my gosh! I got these same jammies for my kids! I'm trying to decide what to do with them. That is a cute idea but I don't have a silhouette. Bummer!

  3. Birgit Kerr says:

    The letters are big enough to easily cut them out either with a craft knife or nail scissors! You could just trace the letters straight on the vinyl and cut them out. Most iron on vinyl is constructed in a way that the side you can draw on wouldn't be visible after it's ironed on!

  4. Jami says:

    Gosh! These are ssooooo cute! I would love to get Christmas morning pictures in them. What a great idea. :) Thanks for linking up.
    Merry Christmas!

    (I'm going to post this link on my facebook page.)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Very cute! Thanks for the tutorial as I was looking for directions on how to apply a design on an apron. Karen

  6. Anonymous says:

    Where did you find the heat transfer vinyl? None of the craft or fabric stores in my area carry this. Karen

  7. Birgit Kerr says:

    Karen, I get mine at . I especially like their flocked white! It handles so easily and is really nice to the touch!

  8. freckled laundry says:

    So cute! Wait. Do you have twins? Me, too (15 months). I'm feeling the pressure to do the matching jammies again this year. I need to get on that!


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