So, now that Christmas is over ….

…. I can go back to my “regular scheduled programming” and carry on with doing things around the house.


Halloween and Christmas sort of happened in mid-home improvement flow and was put on hold.


We still have the other bathroom to finish, I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the living room shelves to turn them into sleek and functional built-ins … or at least make them look like that. I can’t quite decide if now is a good time to do that though since the living room is still the main battleground playground for the kids and a LOT of their toys! And the system I have in place right now works to keep the toys at bay and out of view at the end of the day and make it into an adult space! It might be wiser to do it once the kids are older and don’t need the living room as their main play area any more.

And I don’t know that it’s worth my effort to do it with our existing IKEA furniture. It may be cheaper and sturdier if I just went and built it all from scratch, but that makes it a MUCH larger project and would certainly necessitate a real workspace with real tools!

And the way our garage is, which is nothing short of a HUGE dumping ground for EVERYTHING, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.


And as always we have the pressure of the weather upon us. Once it gets hot again, lots of things just can’t happen. Painting the furniture outside above 90F isn’t usually a good idea, nor is being in the non-air conditioned garage for any length of time in the 114F summer heat that we have for months at the time.


But there’s only so much one/ I can do, so I’ve been going in circles in my head.


Our major circle currently is that the one room that still needs to have the really awful, disgusting and stained original carpet pulled up and replaced is the master bedroom with the walk-in closet.


This however means that ALL the furniture needs to come out and go – WHERE? In fact it will mean that ALL our semi-built ins need to be cleared out AND dismantled as they don’t actually fit through the door way. The only place to put it all is in the garage. But our garage is full to the brim, and needs sorting out first. In order to sort our garage, we need to have the walk-in closet converted into our “storage” room. Can’t convert the walk-in closet into the storage room until the carpets are done. See my dilemma? *sigh*

My father is also coming to visit from Germany in Mid-March, so I am also reluctant to start tearing the house apart again before their visit!

So, I think we’ll do the bathroom first, that definitely needs doing and we have half a chance to have that finished within 2-3 weeks (famous last words?) and then I think I shall revisit the other dilemmas Confused


I’ve also wanted to redo this area a little. Less busy, more stream lined, even though with the same elements. It’s also time to switch out a few of the photos!



I also just realized that I never got around to posting what I did with the laundry door! I must remedy that soon! Hopefully I can find all the project photos again!


So, with this and a very long to-do list in my head, I leave you today and wish you a very happy 2011!

I hope you will all have a delightful New Year’s eve and a great start to the year 2011!

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3 Responses to So, now that Christmas is over ….

  1. Kristin says:

    Hi Birgit,

    Happy New Year to you and yours! I have been following your posts for a little while and find them so fun and interesting! In regards to space saving ideas, check out She has wonderful ideas and furniture plans ( most based off of Pottery Barn) for free. Even my husband, who is a self-proclaimed computer geek, and who doesn't have a ton of carpentry experience has made items for our home (such as the storage "stratton" bed from Pottery Barn)which look wonderful, and helped us with much needed storage in our small master bedroom. She has TONS of plans for everything you could possibly think of!

  2. Riora Kerr says:

    What's your system to keep toys@bay? God knows I need one.

  3. Birgit Kerr says:

    Riora, I just wrote a whole long blog post about taming the toy clutter :)

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