When Jack Frost Visits Phoenix, AZ

So, you may remember my post about our backyard when we first finished it!

And it grew and it bloomed even though the rest of the country was going into winter mode, but this is Phoenix, Arizona. It’s warm here and Winter is the nice season! That’s why everyone comes here this time of year Happy


But this year, the year where we spent a lot of time and effort on gardening of course, we finally got a cold(er) winter. At least for a few days/nights. We got hard frost and even a little dusting of snow! Imagine that! But we also got a few fierce thunderstorms with high winds to boot!

And even though the Bavarian in me LOVED the fact that we actually had “a season”, meaning the weather consisted of a little cold and not just varying degrees of warm, hot and blisteringly hot, I am so not loving what happened to our lovely yard!


We went from this

PA285549[1] {Imagine this fuller grown in, mulched and with LOTS more blooms all over the bushes.}

to this, pretty much overnight.


I guess for now all we can do is wait for a few weeks, cut them back and hope that some survived. I’m not holding out much hope for our Lime tree Crying


The orange one doesn’t look so bad however, so maybe that one will make it.


The “regular” honeysuckle varieties seems to have withstood it relatively well too, but the other varieties and the Hibiscus look to be in a very sorry state! This Honeysuckle was the only one not in bloom, so that probably helped protect it some!


My fav orange blooms that had taken off beyond belief, climbing that trellis like nobody’s business and blooming like crazy, now looks like this Surprise It wasn’t just the cold, but the wind did a real number on this too!


P1126551[1] But I see a little green sprout in there, so maybe there is hope for this one yet!


It is a dismal site! And the front yard doesn’t look much better!

I guess I’ll have lots of gardening to do when we are firmly back in the warmer temperatures!

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