5 “must try soon” things I recently found in the blogasphere

1) Faux Canvas Print @ Infarrantly Creative

This is so clever! One of those “why haven’t I thought of that before” things!


I love canvas prints and I have a few that I got on very steep sales etc, but for me the problem is that I like to change things up and I just can’t justify paying what canvas prints cost and then wanting to change it out a few months later!

THIS might be my solution, especially for some smaller items hear or there!


2) Ribbon Organizer @ Spunky Junky

I have everything already on hand, including a TON of ribbons which are currently organized, but not easily accessible, so I think this might just be the solution for me!



3) Heart cupcakes with a regular muffin tin!

And this is another one of those clever things! So simple, so effective!! And not just on Valentine’s day, I think this could be an every day trick to get a little more out of your muffin tin!


4) Hot Chocolate on a Stick @ Whipperberry

This one is just such a yummy and cute thing to do! I’m thinking hostess gift! I definitely want to try my hand at homemade marshmallows though! I’ve had that on my list for quite a while!



5) Super cute Ladybug Cupcakes @ The Stories of A2Z

I think those would be the perfect treat for my guys on Valentines day!



And here is one that I don’t think I will end up making (again,) but it’s been on my favorites list for a while now and I just LOVE looking at it!

The Valentine’s Day Gift Box of Cake by Bakerella




What have you found recently that inspired you?

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One Response to 5 “must try soon” things I recently found in the blogasphere

  1. Girlglasses says:

    Oooh! Those heart cupcakes look a little more like Pacman to me, which is inspiring in itself! Thanks for the ideas!

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