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Back again! Finally!

And I am back! I didn’t really mean to be absent, but it just happened.   Several weeks ago I was looking at some photos of a friends new baby, when my computer showed for a split second the blue … Continue reading

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Making Real Bavarian Pretzels (Laugen Brezen)

  To a Bavarian like me who lives a Brezen-less life outside of Bavaria, this is a sight for sore eyes. Actually, I’m quite lucky that I took this photo. It’s a little fuzzy, and I wanted to take another, … Continue reading

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Keeping the toy clutter at bay

I received a few questions in email and in comments as to how I deal with the toy clutter in our very small  living room that is also the only common play room for the kids. As most of you … Continue reading

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Before and After of a different kind

My twins turned 5 today. I can’t even believe it! Part of me is pretty convinced that I just had them last year and somebody made a mistake But then I look at them and it’s quite clear that I … Continue reading

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Cute Bucket Desserts

Remember the Starburst Candy Flowers I made the other day? Well, this is how I ended up using them: We probably all know the “dirt” dessert by now. This is just a little variation on the theme, but I think … Continue reading

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Halloween Ghost

The kids didn’t have school today, so it was the perfect opportunity to add to our “not scary at all” Halloween display in our entrance way! We set out to make the ghost, following the tutorial here! I wanted a … Continue reading

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And the prodigal blogger has returned!Let’s see if I can update you all really quickly on the madness that is my life!We are FINALLY in the process of closing on a house (3 months after first making an offer on … Continue reading

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I got another LO done! Yay, for me But I’ll have to start designing again soon, so I might be able to squeeze in one more before I’m out of the loop for a bit again! This one is of … Continue reading

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Hurrah!!I think we are officially OFF the binkie! We’ve now had 3 naps and 2 nights with no scream fest and no waking to call for mommy or the binkie! *doing the happy dance*I can NOT believe the boy adjusted … Continue reading

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Phew! Well, it’s been a busy few days. The twins had shots on Wed and that always means a restless/sleepless night for me. We got away with only mild temps and the usual post shot crankiness though. Then we’re weaning … Continue reading

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