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Back again! Finally!

And I am back! I didn’t really mean to be absent, but it just happened.   Several weeks ago I was looking at some photos of a friends new baby, when my computer showed for a split second the blue … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you’re having a great and loving day with all your big and little loves! This year is the first year that I actually “got” my children something for Valentine’s day! Usually I just do … Continue reading

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10 Goals for 2011

Yep, goals. I don’t do resolutions! Somehow the expression “New Year’s Resolution” already has failure written all over it. Almost like it’s definition itself suggests that it won’t last beyond January. Goals however are steadfast and long reaching. Well, that’s … Continue reading

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So, now that Christmas is over ….

…. I can go back to my “regular scheduled programming” and carry on with doing things around the house.   Halloween and Christmas sort of happened in mid-home improvement flow and was put on hold.   We still have the … Continue reading

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Christmas – A Lot Of Did And Didn’ts

So, Christmas is over, the relatives are headed up the mountain again and I’m reminissing! We did have a pretty nice and relaxed Christmas! The kids did think that Christmas was magical and wonderful! We did have the odd little … Continue reading

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Before and After of a different kind

My twins turned 5 today. I can’t even believe it! Part of me is pretty convinced that I just had them last year and somebody made a mistake But then I look at them and it’s quite clear that I … Continue reading

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A Headband From Scraps

So last night I took about an hour to use up some scrap ribbon and fabric to make Anna a new head band. The last one was stepped on … or sat on … either way, it broke, and Anna … Continue reading

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Gearing up for parties

So, October is almost upon us and October is a bit of a crazy month in this house. Lots and lots of birthdays and then it all ends in the much anticipated Halloween activities that seem to go on for … Continue reading

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Things I’ve learned (aka techno hour)

So, every once in a while you come across something in the programs you’ve been working in forever that resolves a workaround or an annoyance and you smack your head and wonder why you hadn’t thought of this before or … Continue reading

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Of Clay Bakers And A Strange Piece Of Furniture

So the other day I went to Goodwill. I don’t tend to find much in this particular one usually since it’s 90 % (questionable) clothing  and the rest is more often than not really poor quality/broken things that are highly … Continue reading

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