Wow! Well it was quite the day yesterday!! My head is still spinning! From my overflowing inbox, to the wonderful well wishes in forums, to the awesome LOs created by the studio crew (take a look: ) I am quite stunned … and humbled … and happy …and greatful! Thank you all so much!!
Last night I managed to move a lot of my LOs into the gallery. I always find moving such a mixed experience. Not just actual physical moving … even something as simple as moving LOs into another gallery, or repackage stuff for the store. Suddenly I’m faced with “old” creations of mine and I view them with a sense of embarassment as well as accomplishment (in a see how far I’ve come kind of way), with a little nostalgia as well as wanting to redo everything.
I retired a lot of things for that reason, but I think some might resurface again in a different combination, a different spin on it – mainly because they aren’t bad, just from a different stage. Sometimes do-over doesn’t have to mean we do it completely different, right ? ;)
Oh, I updated my “fan of” blinkie – it’s in the side bar to your right if want to grab it!
I’m also trying to figure out a good name for my CT girls to be … so far I’m drawing a blank, but if you have any good suggestions, please do let me know :)
Again, thank you all so much for your wonderful support!

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