I’ve forgotten to post my more recent LOs:

Journaling reads:
There aren’t many moments in your young life where you are just still, listening intently. Except for the times when I put on some classical music. Then you are absolutely enthralled, lost in the music, with a smile on your face, a finger in your mouth and almost a longing look in your eyes.

Background paper and doodles – Lorie Davison
Blended background paper, cursive alpha and hemp wrap – Birgit Kerr
Photoframe – Christina Renee
Font: Pea Jennifer

And here’s a little preview of some of the items in my Grabbag No.1.

Other items are:
Stamp Frame – Meredith Fenwick
Stamped Alpha – Traci Reed
Scalloped Mat template – Kissed Studio
Staple – Christina Rene Designs
Fonts – My old Remington, CK Becky

Our first “cookie house” as Anna christened it. I wasn’t sure if the kids were even ready yet for something like this, but Max especially got totally into it. Anna was mainly interested in eating all the candy though lol

Everything from SBG:
Red BG paper, glitter, cursive alpha, stitching, straw stars, wrapped wire, curled ribbon – Birgit Kerr
Background paper, stamp alpha – Trish Jones
Cardboard swirls, Frames, Date stack – ON design
Staples – Maya
Flower – Michelle Godin
Paper Tears – Jen Caputo
Stamps – Lorie Davison
Sponge Heart – Sausan Design
Font: CK Becky

Here’s my contribution to the recipe swap Smile

Weihnacht Kit, Easy Living, Winter Wonder – Birgit Kerr
Bookcover – Michelle Godin
Frame – Christina Renee
Index Card – Christine Haskell

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  1. Stacey Jewell Stahl says:

    Anna looks so different with hair. My Lanni was a cue ball for so long that I look back at those photos and smile. You’ll have that same reaction too, I suspect. Happy new year!

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